Chicago White Sox Baseball - The Chicago White Sox do not play on the east coast, nor do they garner national media attention. Despite adding key pieces to their roster, the Sox being snubbed by the media, especially the biased ESPN, is no surprise.


ESPN’s baseball staff voted on their projected 2014 playoff teams. As far as the AL Central is concerned, not one “expert” picked the White Sox to win the division. What’s worse, however, is the fact that not one person took a chance on them as a playoff team either.

If Not the White Sox, Then Who?

To give you a better view of the landscape of voting, 36 of the 45 experts predict the Tigers will win the AL Central. Six chose the Royals, which is a sexy pick this year. The other three outstanding votes went towards the Indians.

Nine members of ESPN’s staff predict the Royals will obtain a wild card slot, while two chose the Tigers, and two chose the Indians.

16 predictions have the Tigers making the World Series (5 winning), one has the Indians winning it all, and one has the Royals losing in the World Series.

What Makes One an “Expert”?

While there are a few columnists that I read and whose opinions I respect (Hi, Jonah Keri), many of these “experts” are anything but that. Dan Shulman? Great broadcaster, but an expert?

Regardless, these experts are the same ones in which zero of them picked the Red Sox to win the AL East in 2013, and only three of the 43 voters predicted them to claim a wild card spot. I am not necessarily bashing those predictions, but how soon we forget.

What’s the Difference?

If you’re going to pick the Royals or the Indians, you might as well pick the White Sox. There isn’t too much of a difference between these teams. If the Royals were going to turn the corner, it would have happened last year. If anything, the Indians should be favored over the Royals, with the White Sox battling with the Royals.

The Red Sox won the 2013 World Series. Not one expert picked them. Let’s hope this trend continues in 2014, with the White Sox going from worst to first!


Source: ESPN

Photo: OnMilwaukee

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  1. James Evers

    They didn’t get any pub cause they don’t have a good team. They have 2 good pitchers, their infield is nothing to write home about, and you have no idea what you’re getting out of the outfield

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