Chicago Sports News – Facebook recently released a graphic depicting the fans of Major League Baseball teams by county. Results were used from MLB team “likes” on their official Facebook pages. Take a look but you may be shocked by the results.

MLB Fandom

mlb graphic


Don’t Be Deceived

The Chicago White Sox only won in three counties in the State of Illinois, though it isn’t all bad news. Cook County is the most densely populated county in the state and second in the country behind Los Angeles County. Chicago Cubs fans make up the rest of the top half of the state but it is the bottom half that is the most disturbing.

More than half of Illinois residents are St. Louis Cardinals fans! Probably not, we have to remember that most of those are rural areas and there might only be one computer in some of those counties.  Isn’t it fun how graphs like this can really skew how you look at things?


Sources: NBC Chicago; Wikipedia

Photos: NBC Chicago; Pinterest

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