Vegas Releases Post-Draft Super Bowl Odds

Vegas has released the Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds along with odds for all the other NFL football teams.  The Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds are 30-1 as we sit right now, post draft.  Mel Kiper graded the Bears draft a C+ and they tied for one of the worst drafts in the league, according to Kiper.

Lets check out the Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds along with the other teams (from @JoeFortenbaugh):

CHicago Bears super bowl odds

Post Draft Odds for all NFL Teams

The Chicago Bears Super Bowl odds are the same as Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Washington, Cincy, Dallas and Indy.  So the Chicago Bears super bowl odds are the same as two other teams who just drafted their starting QB last year.

Did the Chicago Bears Super Bowl Odds improve after the draft?

1 – Kyle Long, OL, Oregon; 2 (50) – Jon Bostic, ILB, Florida; 4 (117) – Khaseem Greene, OLB, Rutgers; 5 (163) – Jordan Mills, OT, Louisiana Tech; 6 (188) – Cornelius Washington, OLB, Georgia; 7 (236) – Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State

Top Picks Analysis: The Bears need a ton of help on what was one of the worst offensive lines in football in 2012 but they reached for Long in the first round, a talented but technically deficient player who should be protected by playing inside at guard. Bostic is the heir apparent to Brian Urlacher but a different type of middle linebacker, more of an instinctive, downhill run defender than a coverage guy.

Best Value Pick: Greene is a solid chase linebacker who excels in space and can track backs from behind. He also consistently goes for the strip and has a a strong punch at the ball which would have fit in great if Lovie Smith was sill around.

Questionable Calls: With players like Tyler Eifert, Desmond Trufant and Shariff Floyd taken directly after Long, it’s tough to look at that pick and say general manager Phil Emery didn’t strikeout.

Summary: The Bears desperately needed offensive line help, but ended up with a pair of projects and it’s conceivable that fifth-round pick Mills is closer to helping at tackle than Long. Emery did much better at linebacker, getting Bostic and Greene as possible replacements for Urlacher and Nick Roach.

Final Grade: C (from Miami Herald)


Do you agree with the 30-1 proposed chicago bears super bowl odds?  Or do you think it can be higher or lower?  What other teams stand out on the chart that may be worth betting?


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