Chicago Bears Football - The Bears shook Chicago Wednesday morning by signing Jared Allen. Despite him playing in the division for years, some people may not know about his life outside of football. Therefore, we bring to you Chicago Bears Jared Allen fun facts:

10. Jared Allen’s Wife, Amy Allen (Johnson), is from Chicago.

9. Allen’s 128.5 sacks since 2004 is the most in the NFL.

8. He became the only player in NFL history besides Reggie White to record 14.5 sacks for more over three consecutive seasons.

7. Jared is an avid hunter.

6. Allen has 16 career sacks in 13 career games against the Green Bay Packers

5. To help keep up his conditioning in the offseason, Jared Allen  trains with UFC fighters at Arizona Combat Sports gym

4. Jared was proud of his mullet. 

3. In the “No Fun League”, Jared likes to have fun.

2. Jared Allen is a Jackass

1. Jared protects his wife. The ‘c’ word is unacceptable. The ‘f’ word apparently is.


Now go out there and practice that sack dance, Bears fans. Good luck. Welcome to Chicago, Jared!


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