Chicago Bulls Basketball– A former Chicago Bulls fan favorite could be making his way back to the Windy City as Brian Scalabrine (aka The White Mamba) looks to be losing favor with the Golden State Warriors.

After signing on with the team prior to last season, the Chicago Tribune has reported that Scalabrine has not meshed well with head coach Mark Jackson’s coaching staff. In fact, it has become so bad that Scal has been reassigned to Golden State’s D-League affiliate, the Santa Cruz Warriors. With this apparent discontent with Jackson’s staff, Scalabrine could be looking for a new job next year, and that job may just come in the form of a position on Tom Thibodeau’s staff.

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Chicago Bulls

Although it was only for two seasons, Brian Scalabrine’s time in Chicago was nothing short of amazing. Joining Tom Thibodeau in coming over from the Boston Celtics in the summer of 2010, Scalabrine was more of a player-coach with the Bulls. After his retirement in 2012, Thibodeau made a strong push to keep The White Mamba in Chicago as a member of his coaching staff. At the time, Scalabrine decided to go to the Bay Area with Mark Jackson’s Warriors, but it looks like Thibs may have a chance to bring one of his favorite players back.

Chicago Bulls

Scalabrine’s return to Chicago would not only be fun for the fans, but a smart move for all parties involved. Scalabrine is familiar with Thibodeau’s coaching style and has experience playing with five of the Bulls core players. He was originally brought to Chicago in 2010 because Thibs wanted someone who knew his defensive schemes, and was kept on the team in part because of his positive presence in the locker room.

With a bit of a clash between Thibodeau and the Bulls front office earlier this season, don’t be surprised if GM Gar Forman and VP of Basketball Operations John Paxson strengthen their relationship with Thibodeau by bringing in someone that he requests.

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Los Angeles Clippers

With former Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers now in LA soaking up the sun, Brian Scalabrine could be tempted to go there if he is looking for a job next season. Like Thibodeau, Rivers was trying to get Scalabrine on his staff prior to last season. The two have a great relationship and the move from Northern California to Southern California would be an easy one for Scal.

Rivers seems to be building a winner with Blake Griffin and Chris Paul leading the Clippers, so Scalabrine would be going to an organization that has no documented turmoil. He also would be right next to his alma mater, USC.

Boston Celtics

This landing spot seems like a bit of a stretch now for Scalabrine considering that his head coach while in Boston is now in Los Angeles, but the Celtics are still a possible destination. Brian presumably still has a good relationship with the owners and front office in Boston, which could get him strong consideration to join Brad Stevens and his coaching staff.

Chicago Bulls

The Celtics are also a young team, so if Scalabrine is really looking to experience all aspects of coaching, this may be the place. Unlike Chicago or LA where there is a veteran presence in the locker room, Boston would be a place for Scalabrine to really teach some of the younger players. Also, just like Chicago, Celtics fans love themselves some Scalabrine.


Prior to joining the Warriors, Scalabrine tried his hand at broadcasting for Comcast Sports Net Boston. Brian isn’t afraid to speak his mind, and he’s pretty articulate, so it shouldn’t be surprising if he does decide to go back into broadcasting over coaching. Stations like ESPN, NBA TV, and FOX Sports 1 would probably send an offer his way and try to persuade him to join their team. He may not have been the best player on the court, but he knows what goes on from both a player’s and coach’s perspective, which could be valuable to these sports entertainment powerhouses.

It is not clear whether or not Scalabrine will in fact be let go by Mark Jackson and the Golden States Warriors at the end of the season, but all signs are pointing to the two sides going their separate ways. If this were the case, Scalabrine’s best bet would be rejoining Tom Thibodeau in Chicago where he is familiar with the coaching staff and the players. It will also give Chicago Bulls TV broadcaster Stacey King the opportunity to pull out the White Mamba lines once more – who wouldn’t want to hear that?

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