So what are the best websites for cheap Chicago Bears tickets?  It is important to know this year because according to the NFL the Chicago Bears have the higest prices ticket of 2013.  Yes, a team that didn't even make the playoffs last year has the most expensive NFL ticket.  That says a lot about the fandom of Chicago, kudos to you. 

" Despite an off season full of change – legendary defensive leader Brian Urlacher departed and head coach Lovie Smith was relieved of his duties – Bears fans are eagerly shelling out some serious dough to watch their beloved team at Soldier Field this year.  With an average ticket price of $438.35, Bears tickets are the most expensive in the NFL for the 2013 season." (via BearGoggles)

The best websites for cheap Chicago Bears tickets just became a whole lot more important now that you just found that out didn't it?  $438.35 AVERAGE PRICE!  Blue Collar Chicago fans can't all afford that, so Sports Mockery is here to help you out.

Best Websites For Cheap Chicago Bears Tickets

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Here are the best websites for cheap Chicago Bears tickets…

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