Chicago Bulls Basketball- When the Chicago Bulls hosted the Boston Celtics on March 31st, 2014, Celtics point guard Rajon Rondo was the butt of one of Benny the Bull’s pranks. If anyone has been to a Bulls game than they have probably seen Benny do his “spill the popcorn” routine.

This routine was only possible because Rajon Rondo currently is not playing in back-to-back games as the Celtics remain cautious as Rondo returns this season from injury. This is basically a fancy way of saying the Celtics don’t want to win too many games because they want to lose as many as possible for a better position in the 2014 NBA Draft.

Rondo’s Future Career?

While Rondo sat and watched the game between the Bulls and Celtics, he tried his hand at broadcasting with Comcast New England’s Mike Gorman. Rondo has been a member of the Celtics for eight seasons, and had a lot of praise for some of the Bulls’ players, including Joakim Noah.

“About two years ago we came to an understanding because we were always going at it with each other. But we never really understood why, but I think it’s because we both love to compete. He’s a guy that’s going to bring it every night, and I do the same, but we don’t even play the same position. So one game, we were at the free-throw line and just thought about, ‘Why do we even go at each other?’”

Benny The Bull Has Jokes

Rondo only joined the broadcast for the first half of the game, but he couldn’t leave without Benny the Bull getting his shot in on Rondo. As fierce as a competitor as Rondo is, it was good to see him take this light-hearted joke as a champ.

Benny the Bull Rondo


GIF Source: Comcast SportsNet Chicago

Sources: Comcast SportsNet; NBCSports

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