Marc-Louis Paprzyca

Lifelong Chicagoan who thrives to compete and gives objective views of Chicago sports. Three sport high school athlete, NCAA D3 athlete, and current beer league hockey player. Three time winner on CSN's Beer Money sports trivia show and Warrior Hockey VIP of the Year 2016.

Violence is never funny. Unless of course it's mascot violence.

Jonthan Toews shows off stick skills that most of us can only dream about.

The highlight of the Quad City Mallards vs Cincinnati Cyclones ECHL hockey game was definitely the goalie fight.

Classic looking designs and bold colors will be worn for this year's NHL All-Star game in Los Angeles.

The NHL has watered down its product and its ruining the Blackhawks and Red Wings rivalry.

The Blackhawks are well represented at the NHL All-Star game this year but one player was snubbed by the academy.

How embarrassed would you be if this was your best attempt at $1,000,000?

The Blackhawks basically invented hat tricks and certainly know how to make them fun.

Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane's international competition goes way back.

This season the Chicago Blackhawks have 2017 NHL Draft to consider at the Trade Deadline.