Matt Peck

Senior Bulls Writer and analyst, as well as the Co-Host of The 312 Podcast. "Utah, gimme two!"
bulls jimmy butler fan learns trash talking bad idea

Note to all NBA fans: trash talking Jimmy Butler is a really bad idea.
jimmy butler returns dominates bulls beat pelicans

Jimmy Butler looked like a guy who just came back to work, feeling refreshed from a tropical vacation. He was actually just nursing himself...
shorthanded bulls fall derrick rose joakim noah knicks

The Bulls missed Jimmy Butler again, and lost to former Chicago staples Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah for the second time this season.
12 year old emoni bates looks like next kevin durant

Emoni Bates is only 12 years old, but he's already turning heads. Watch out, Kevin Durant!
bulls taj gibson defends derrick rose recent public criticism

Derrick Rose is taking a lot of heat right now, but one former Bulls teammate came back at the haters.
bears brian urlacher files custody son death stepfather

Former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher took swift action to gain custody of his son after the child's stepfather was killed in a mysterious shooting.
knicks insider derrick rose wants max contract free agency

The Derrick Rose RollerĀ Coaster never stops. Thankfully for Bulls fans, it relocated from Chicago to New York last spring. In the wake of his...
rajon rondo returns bulls blow big lead wizards

Rajon Rondo looked decent in his return from the bench, but the shorthanded Bulls couldn't hold on vs Washington.
rajon rondo calls reason benching bullshit bulls

Bulls point guard Rajon Rondo took the opportunity to speak his mind, and he ran with it.
knicks derrick rose flew home chicago mother

Derrick Rose returned to the Knicks on Tuesday morning, and gave his reason for disappearing last night.