White Sox designated hitter/first basemen, Adam Dunn, is going to the Academy Awards on Sunday. His movie Dallas Buyers Club, received six Oscar nominations, including, Best Actor and Best Picture.

It always makes me happy to see that pro athletes are taking on projects outside of their respective sport. There are countless stories of broke athletes that didn’t save their money and blew it all shortly after retiring. It’s good to see that when Adam Dunn isn’t striking out, he is investing his money wisely.

Truth Entertainment

Adam Dunn is an investor in Truth Entertainment, which is a Texas-based production company, whose goal is to buy scripts and make movies in the Lone Star State. Joe Newcomb, who is good friends with Adam Dunn, founds truth Entertainment; Newcomb has had success in other ventures, including oil and real estate.

The relatively new production company’s goal is to make three to six independent films a year.

Dallas Buyers Club

Dallas Buyers Club, is a movie about a hustler who works the system to get AIDS patients the medication they need after he is diagnosed with the disease. Dallas Buyer Club is not short on star actors, DBC stars a rail thin Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Garner, Jared Leto, and Steve Zahn. Dunn himself has a cameo in the film as a bartender.

Adam Dunn has been modest on his new success with the entertainment industry, and didn’t want to go to the Oscars until general manager Rick Hahn and manager Robin Ventura convinced him to go.

If I was Adam Dunn, I would of told them from the beginning; “Hey I’m going to the Oscars so I’m missing two days of spring training, deal with it.” I think it is awesome that Dunn has this opportunity and he should 100% take advantage of going to the Oscars, it’s not everyday that a slugger from Texas has his movie receive six Oscar nominations.

“It will be cool, a lot of fun,” Dunn said. I don’t really know a whole lot about it. People have parties for this kind of thing, so it must be pretty cool.”

Maybe Dunn’s Oscar success will catapult him into a good 2014 season, maybe hit .280, 40 homeruns, and 100 RBI. I doubt it, but I could dream right?


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