Kris Bryant was on his way to having another great season in 2018 before he screwed up his right shoulder. He returned, played through the pain, altered his swing and his numbers declined. Then, a narrative was created that Bryant wasn’t actually good, so he came back and since spring training he’s been on a fuck you tour for all the haters.

And guess what, Kris Bryant, actually good! He always has been and yet there are some Cubs fans who can’t wait to question the star third baseman. The biggest complaint? Bryant just isn’t clutch.

First, let’s begin with the silly debate that Bryant isn’t a star player.

Let’s move on to the dumbass debate that Kris Bryant isn’t a clutch hitter and never has been.

Not enough for some fans. Was Sunday’s go-ahead three-run homer against the Reds just a fluke for Bryant? It must have been because remember, he’s not clutch in the mind of some fans.


There’s also the heavily-debated argument of who’s better, Kris Bryant or Nolan Arenado? Sure, Arenado hits a lot of home runs and those are important, BUT…who’s the better overall hitter?

Sorry to shit all over your made up narrative about Kris Bryant.

I’m not really sure why some Cubs fans are so against accepting how great Bryant is. Idiots. Keep drowning in your own misery I guess.

Anyway, enjoy Thom Brennaman’s saltiness after Bryant’s home run on Sunday and trust me you want to listen to this extended version of the Reds broadcast after the home run call.

And if you’ve already watched it, watch it again. You know you want to.