White Sox GM Rick Hahn was on a live edition of the White Sox Talk Podcast with NBC Sports Chicago’s Chuck Garfien on Thursday night and boy did it not get the reception they imagined from fans.

It probably didn’t help that Hahn complained about White Sox fans being too negative on social media. Hahn took it a step further, saying he believes some fans would rather see the White Sox fail than see them win just so their criticisms are validated.

All fans complain and White Sox fans have plenty to be mad about, but how can the GM think any fan would rather be right instead of seeing their team succeed? What a dumbass thing to say by Hahn.

There are zero White Sox fans who want the rebuild to fail over winning another World Series title. Hahn, ever think that fans are so negative because of the embarrassing offseason, when the White Sox proclaimed to spend money and then thought they had the best deal for Manny Machado by offering him $50 million less than the Padres?

And it’s not just Machado. The White Sox haven’t signed a top free agent in decades and as optimistic as fans are about the prospects, they have plenty of reason to be, you still need to spend money on great players during a rebuild. That’s something the White Sox haven’t shown the willingness to do.

Plus, Ervin Santana, AJ Reed, Yonder Alonso and so on.

You can listen to the entire Hahn interview below, as he comes up with vague timetables for when the White Sox may compete again.

Imagine Ryan Pace complaining about negative Bears fans after the miserable era that was the John Fox experience.

But White Sox fans, please be nicer to Rick.

Also, Chuck, tough look here.