If Joe Maddon doesn’t come back to be Cubs manager in 2020 you can immediately point to his fascination with giving one of the worst hitters in MLB the majority of playing time in center field this year as to one of the reasons why.

Jason Heyward is still resting his sore knee, so Albert Almora Jr. is back in the lineup. Fine, as long as he’s not batting leadoff.

Unbelievable. The Cubs are facing a lefty and maybe in 2017 it would make sense to have Almora at the top of the order, but not in 2019, when the Cubs are trying to make the playoffs in a tight division race.

This isn’t hyperbole, Almora has been trash against lefties this season and for some reason Joe Maddon keeps ignoring those numbers because who the fuck knows why.

And again, fine Almora starts because Heyward is out, but bat him eighth or something. You have at least three better options that you can give more at-bats to instead of him.

Probably doesn’t matter with how awful the Cubs have been on the road anyway.