Vic Fangio is now the head coach for the Denver Broncos. Losing him was a tough pill to swallow for the Chicago Bears. He’d been an outstanding defensive coordinator since 2015, helping transformed arguably the worst unit in team history into the #1 defense in football over the course of four seasons. Not only that but the guy was an absolute delight during interviews and press conferences. Intelligent and humble but also witty and blunt.

He’s not afraid to tell it like it is and everybody loved him for it, including his players. Without him, it’s unlikely cornerback Kyle Fuller makes such a profound career resurgence. Players learned so much from the old coach. One should’ve stopped for a brief moment to wonder if Fangio might’ve learned a few things from his time in Chicago.

One of the things the Bears have stuck by for decades is their decision to go away to Bourbonnais for training camp. This may seem like a routine for NFL teams, but the reality is fewer and fewer do something like this. Fangio, having experienced it throughout his career and especially in Chicago, thinks those teams are missing out on a big opportunity to connect with their fans.

Vic Fangio understands why Bears fans are just different

There’s a reason the Bears franchise has some of the most dedicated fans in the entire sport. They go out of their way whenever possible to make memorable experiences for them. Sure they sometimes can charge ridiculous prices for certain events, but others they’ll make it free of charge, giving them a chance to get close to their favorite players. This leads to a deepened connection and a greater loyalty for the team.

If the Bears hadn’t instituted such a practice so long ago, would fans have stuck by the team through what have been some rather ugly eras? It’s a fair question. One that Fangio believes has a clear answer. He experienced this for four years in Chicago. He knows how beloved this team is. How much the city identifies with it. There is no question he’s hoping that trend continues during his time in Denver.