Did you enjoy watching the 2018 Chicago Bears play football? If so, you’re about to get a special treat. Watching the games in real-time was great enough. Now it appears the entire season has been given the NFL Films treatment. That means all the epic moments relived with the unequaled quality filmmaking that separates the company from any other like it on the planet.

What were your favorite moments? Khalil Mack’s incredible debut in Green Bay? Mitch Trubisky’s ridiculous 6-TD breakout game? Maybe the decisive showdown with the Minnesota Vikings in primetime or the trashing of the Rams at a frigid Soldier Field? All of those moments and more are showcased with gorgeous quality. Not to mention a myriad of mic’d up moments from head coach Matt Nagy both on and off the field.

The best parts though were some of the little nuggets people might not have picked up on during the year. A big one being how the Bears realized immediately in the season finale that the Vikings wanted no part of their physical playing style.

2018 Chicago Bears review offers a taste of what’s to come

It’s wonderful that NFL Films is doing these season reviews again. They were always entertaining and fun to watch. Especially when the Bears were good in the 1980s and the mid-2000s. It seems rather fitting they’d return right around the time Chicago got good again. Now it becomes a question of whether this team can provide the ultimate review with one that includes a Super Bowl championship.

That is their undeniable mission. Anything short of it in 2019 will be unacceptable. Still, this episode should help fans understand how far the team has truly come. Not to mention how much better they can still get with Trubisky continuing to ascend. If David Montgomery fills the running back void and the defense keeps eating? The next review could be so much more enjoyable.