The Chicago Bulls have reasons to love their pick of Coby White at #7 overall in the NBA draft. His mixture of size (6’5), speed, and energy make him a constant presence on both sides of the floor. His ability to run and distribute the ball are two things they’re hoping blossoms sooner than later as it is exactly what the team is missing at the point guard spot. Thus far through two Summer League games, there have been flashes.

However, there is also a glaring concern. White struggles to shoot from 3-point range. Through two games thus far, he is a 0-for-11 from behind the arc, a troubling number that reinforces the concerns about his shooting consistency that followed him out of North Carolina. He struggled at times from a distance there as well. This should reinforce why the Bulls can’t be too anxious to get him on the floor for extended minutes.

NBA defenses are a different animal. They will quickly identify the weakness and work out way to where they take away what he does best and force him to take shoots from range, daring him to hit them. This is why the entire emphasis for Jim Boylen and his staff moving forward should be to work with White on improving his stroke.

Thankfully Coby White doesn’t need to be that guy

The good news is White isn’t under pressure to be that guy. Not yet. Chicago has some pieces in place with the capability to shoot from 3-point land. This includes Otto Porter, Lauri Markkanen, and Zach Lavine. None of them might be called sharpshooters but the Bulls can at least say they have that in their arsenal. They don’t need White for that job. The issue is there will inevitably come a time when the team needs it.

Not having the option makes the pursuit of winning more difficult. This may be why the team could still seek out more help on that front. A cheap option who can ease the pressure until White is ready. That likely won’t be this season, but this is still something worth monitoring. Depending on how he improves or doesn’t improve at this area of his game will determine how far he can rise with this team.