Theo Epstein is saying that he doesn’t expect Willson Contreras to miss more than 10 days on the injured list, but earlier today Contreras was supposedly ready to play on Tuesday. So, let’s see what happens in 10 days.

Anyway, after leaving late during Saturday’s game against the Pirates and being out of the lineup for two straight games, the Cubs made a trade Monday night, sending Mike Montgomery to the Royals for veteran catcher Martin Maldonado.

This coming right after the Cubs placed Contreras on the injured list.

Hey, at least there’s no fracture? Yay.

So, the Cubs get the catcher that most fans wanted all offseason, but it comes because of an injury to Contreras. Hopefully it isn’t serious.

Sooooo, how about when Willson comes back, the Cubs just go with three catchers and Maldonado can bring the “veteran leadership” and the Cubs can finally DFA Daniel Descalso?

I like my plan. Think about it, Theo.

As for Montgomery, he finally gets his wish to become a starting pitcher again and hey, no Cubs fan will ever forget who threw the final pitch in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series.