There are plenty of NFL insiders out there but some might be called a little more “connected” than others. Of course, everybody knows about Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport. They’re the breaking news guys everybody looks to. One guy though who is always plugged in is Jay Glazer. This guy has strong relationships with people throughout the league and has called some major events long before they happened including the Odell Beckham trade. That’s why his comments on Mitch Trubisky are so noteworthy.

During his usual NFL mailbag, he answered several big questions from what’s happening around the league. Things like the new Carson Wentz contract, the future of Kyler Murray in Arizona, and the Jets hiring Joe Douglas as GM. Yet it was when he was asked about the state of the NFC North and whether the Chicago Bears were set for a regression that things got really interesting.

Not only does Glazer not think the team will fall off, he believes they might be even more formidable than last year. The reason for it? Their young quarterback.

“Are the Bears set for a falloff in the current year or is the NFC North still clearly defined as Bears then Packers/Vikings, and finally the Lions? — Sawyer M.

I don’t think the Bears are set for a falloff at all! All I keep hearing this offseason is that Mitch Trubisky is making big steps and big improvements. They’re thinking he’s going to take a big leap forward this year.”

Mitch Trubisky is starting to get noticed outside Bears circles

It’s one thing to hear stuff like that from the Bears coaches like Matt Nagy, Dave Ragone, and Mark Helfrich. The same goes for his teammates. Even local Chicago media have a certain level of bias. This is not the case for Glazer. He is a national guy in every sense of the word. He has no prior loyalties or affiliations to the Bears or Trubisky. So when he says something like this, it is worth taking note of.

All signs out of practices thus far suggest that the young quarterback is locked in. He’s appeared sharp in practice and his gobbling up film study like never before. It’s gotten to a point where he is cutting off Nagy in meetings to tell receivers who he wants certain routes run. The coach has had to tell him to dial it back at times. Obsession is good but there are certain limits one should have.

This is merely a sign that Trubisky is angling to top everything he did last year. The young man wants to win badly. To avenge what happened in the playoffs last season. Not only that, but he probably wants to silence the many doubters who are still out there. It is little wonder he wants to get back to practice right away. The season can’t come quickly enough.