Well, the Cubs went out and did exactly what they should have done and signed one of the best closers in the history of the game in Craig Kimbrel. Baseball fans shouldn’t be surprised by this. Theo Epstein has a track record of going out and getting some of the best closers in the game. He has also traded Gleyber Torres for Aroldis Chapman and won a World Series because of it, signed Brandon Morrow (although that hasn’t worked at all), and traded Jorge Soler for Wade Davis.

With too many games already lost in the later innings this year, Epstein did exactly what needed to be done, and will probably make another move to improve the pen before the trade deadline passes. What drives me insane more than anything as a White Sox fan is that some idiots from the South Side fanbase are trying to spin zone this move so that they actually think it is a bad one.

I’ve seen tweets that have said “he’s too old” or “he regressed last year” or even “wow that money will surely hold the team back from extending pieces of the core.” Guys, enough. Does it suck for Sox fans to see the Cubs make great moves? Yes. But don’t act like you wouldn’t be thrilled to see Rick Hahn obtain one of the better closers ever during our own contention window.

I hate the Cubs. I can easily admit that. But I’m not going to try and convince myself that signing Kimbrel was a bad move for them. Don’t be an idiot and make the rest of Sox fans look bad because of your cry baby tweets. If anything, this makes it easier for our fans to be jealous of their team, and consequentially, hate it more, which is fun.

The White Sox will be in the Cubs position sooner than later, but we’re not there yet. So let’s not turn White Sox fandom into one people can’t tolerate when we aren’t even good yet. Cool? Cool.