In what started as a rather quiet offseason for the Bulls, has started to pick up steam. The possible Anthony Davis 3-way trade is so ludicrous that I’m not allowing such trash to be in my blog. HOWEVER, what doesn’t sound ludicrous is the fact that we have a shot at snagging a savvy veteran. A veteran who to some is regarded as the best defender in the NBA.

This veteran goes by the name of Patrick Beverly, and here is what he had to say about potentially signing with Chicago.

 “I am Chicago. I’m from Chicago. I bleed Chicago. I’m a Chicago kid. So of course I’m open to playing for the Chicago Bulls if that’s a team that’s interested in me.”
“(The Bulls) got a good young core. Coach JB, he seems pretty cool. They just hired Roy Rogers and I’m real familiar with him. They got some young stars in the making. Of course Zach LaVine is a stud. (Lauri) Markkanen is going to be a stud. Wendell Carter Jr. is going to be a stud. It’s all about making the right decision. If it’s not me, then it’s still all love.”
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That should be music to every Bull’s fans ears. Not only would we get the production on the court of a lockdown defender, but it’s also the other qualities where we would get the most value from him.
Jim Boylan has worked to build a certain type of culture. He wants his guys to play extremely hard- scratch, claw, and grit their way to win. Patrick Beverly embodies all of that. He can be a veteran leader for the young core. He can lead by example and push the roster to get better every day. Every team needs a Patrick Beverly, especially one with a young core. This signing just makes sense on every level. And the fact that we won’t have to reach and bring out the Brinks Truck for him? Jerry how about we get this done ay?