Watching the Chicago Bears make life miserable for Matthew Stafford in 2018 was like rediscovering a favorite TV show you forgot you loved. The Detroit Lions quarterback had enjoyed a lot of success at the Bears’ expense since 2013. He would defeat them six-straight times from the start of that season through 2016. A total of 9-1 through 2017. To sweep them in such emphatic fashion, while knocking Stafford around on top of it was pretty sweet. Former cornerback DJ Moore can relate.

The former 4th round pick was the primary slot man for the Bears during the 2011 season. He would have four interceptions that year, tying his career-high. However, the most enduring highlight was something completely different. It involved the first meeting between the Bears and Lions at Soldier Field that season. One which Chicago donned the fan favorite orange jerseys.

It was a physical football game. Julius Peppers clotheslined Calvin Johnson. Jay Cutler endured a couple of tough shots from Ndamukong Suh and company. Both teams were in the thick of the playoff race, so it was a meaningful football game. So one can imagine the Lions weren’t happy when the Bears laid down a major league butt-whipping.

DJ Moore couldn’t believe he got into a fight with Stafford

Aided by a Devin Hester punt return touchdown, Chicago jumped out to a 20-0 lead before the end of the first half. Then in the second, the defense returned two Stafford interceptions for touchdowns to break the game wide open. Trailing 37-6 at the start of the 4th quarter, Stafford threw a third interception to cornerback Tim Jennings.

What happened next is something Moore will never forget.

“Most guys would enjoy knocking a quarterback down, but honestly, I had no interest. I reached my arm out to keep him away from CB #2, and then my neck started to turn at an alarming angle. This action by Stafford triggered my defensive reflex. I immediately turned and mowed him down. He seemed surprised; his eyes were big as if a black man walked up behind him at the ATM.

He hit the ground with me on top of him. Then, with no warning, I lost control of my body. It seemed as if God himself was moving me. It turned out to be a damn-near 300-pound tight end. He proceeded to slam me on my thinking cap. Then, the Lions’ sideline piled on top of me.

At the bottom of the pile, I laid laughing at what had transpired.”

The descriptions Moore uses in this story are a wonderful reminder of what a character he was. A unique personality and very funny. His drilling of Stafford after the QB yanked him down by his facemask was something Bears fans relished seeing. Moore was ejected from the game but had no regrets about what he did.