The Yankees have recently sent down outfielder Clint Frazier. It seems like a puzzling move at first once you take a look at his slash line for the year: .285/.333/.522/.855. Then you remember that Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton will soon return to the Yankees lineup, leaving Frazier essentially blocked. It wouldn’t surprise anyone to see the talented 24 year old outfielder moved before the deadline, and the White Sox make perfect sense.

Aside from pitching, the White Sox weakest position is right field. A rotation of Charlie Tilson and Ryan Cordell just isn’t getting it done. Frazier’s bat would be an instant upgrade to the lineup. When Frazier heard the news, he handled it like a pro, but anyone with eyes and ears could tell he was PISSED. I mean, just listen to this.

The Sox need an outfielder, the Yankees need pitching. From a prospect standpoint, I’d be willing to trade any pitcher not named Dylan Cease or Michael Kopech. But if the White Sox chose to trade from their MLB roster, then perhaps this is the type of player they’d trade Alex Colome for. Evan Marshall has had a phenomenal year as well, so he could be an option too.

Defensively, Frazier is very bad, so pairing him with Eloy in the corners could cause some fans to raise their eyebrows, but his bat is good enough to keep him on almost any MLB roster, just not on the Yankees.

We’ll see where Frazier ends up, but it looks like he could definitely be on the move in the near future.