One notable absence from Chicago Bears practices over the past month has been Anthony Miller. The second-year wide receiver is currently recovered from offseason shoulder surgery. He suffered from frequent dislocations last year. Something that impacted his ability to play at full speed. With the problem fixed, he is confident that he will be so much better at 100%.

The problem is such things take time to heal. While reports are he should be close to full readiness, the team has taken a more cautious approach with him. Rather than risk any setbacks, they’ve decided to hold him out of practice until the start of training camp in late July. It is a precaution and Miller, being the team player he is, accepted it.

That doesn’t mean it’s been easy for him though. He is a relentless competitor who loves football. Watching others be on the field working every day must be maddening for him. One person who has felt the wrath of Miller’s caged animal mentality? Head coach Matt Nagy.

Nagy admits Anthony Miller invades his personal space a bit too often

Miller was the first thing Nagy addressed during his press conference appearance at the start of minicamps. He made it clear the receiver was almost ready to go. He would have no restrictions when training camp starts next month. He’s also done a good job of staying engaged with the offense.

“He’s done a really good job of staying involved in the meetings. I can already tell with him not being involved out there he’ll hit me in the back and ask me about a play. Was it this play or was it that play? That tells me he’s engaged. So mentally he’s doing good.”

Nagy was then asked what was behind Miller standing near him all the time. The coach admitted he is being a bit lenient with a personal rule that’s being broken.

“Nothing. That’s just him doing that. He’s breaking my rule a little bit because I don’t people in between the hashes. That’s my world. But I’m okay right now with it because he’s chomping at the bit to get out there. He’s just trying to be better.”

Sounds like Miller isn’t the only one who is anxious to see him get back out on the field.