Matt Bowen has established himself as one of the most respected NFL experts in the media business. He’s not a man prone to bias, instead preferring to stick closely to what the tape tells him. That is why his assessments are read so extensively. It’s for that reasons Chicago Bears fans should get excited about the prospects for David Montgomery.

Bowen made up his list of 15 rookies from the 2019 draft class who landed with the absolute perfect teams. Among them was Montgomery, who couldn’t have asked for a better scheme or situation than the one he enters with Matt Nagy. While he may not be a superstar right out of the gate, projections indicate the Iowa State back will produce right away.

Clay’s 2019 projections: 215 carries for 950 yards and six TDs; 35 receptions for 296 yards and one TD

With Montgomery’s contact balance and short-area wiggle to slip defenders, I expect him to see steady volume in 2019. He’s a fit to find daylight on inside-zone schemes, and he can also release on swings, screens, and unders. Montgomery could also quickly emerge as the top back in the tight red zone, getting carries in scoring situations.”

David Montgomery expected to be far more efficient than Jordan Howard

The numbers at face value aren’t bad at all. In essence, Montgomery is expected to amass over 1,300 total yards from scrimmage with seven touchdowns. That could be called a good year. Especially for a rookie 3rd round pick. It’s in the details where the proper fit becomes evident. He is expected to average 4.41 yards per carry.

That would be a substantial improvement on what Jordan Howard accomplished last season at 3.7. A big reason for this was Howard’s inability to navigate runs between the tackles. Something that had never really been his strength. He was always a better outsize-zone runner. The Bears needed somebody who could navigate the traffic inside. Somebody who could pull defenders in.

This will make life easier for the wide receivers and tight ends, giving them more space to work with on the outside. The entire goal for Matt Nagy is force defenses to cover the entire field. Having to do makes their margin for error almost nonexistent. By the look of things, Montgomery will serve that goal quite well.