Matt Nagy knows how to discipline his players when need be. However, the Chicago Bears head coach also knows it’s important to keep things fun whenever possible. All work and no play can make for robotic players who lose their love for the game. So rather than kick off the next phase of team workouts with the usual routine, he chose to hold a series of fun activities. Taylor Gabriel, Khalil Mack, and others jumped right into it.

They had all sorts of activities right out of a classic summer camp from long-distance throwing to an obstacle course. The highlight of the afternoon though was undoubtedly the dodgeball tournament. Four teams who made it through the obstacle event would take part and by the look of things it got pretty competitive.

There were some pretty impressive eliminations including Kyle Fuller being knocked out by one of the coaching staff. However, the biggest shock of the day came in the final moments. Gabriel, being one of the smallest and fastest on the field, unsurprisingly made it to the end. It looks like he was favorite to claim a victory.

Things got a bit embarrassing at that point.

Taylor Gabriel was eliminated by Pat O’Donnell

It would’ve been one thing if Gabriel were eliminated by Mitch Trubisky or Akiem Hick or somebody of lofty status. Instead he fell victim to a low sinker from none other than Pat O’Donnell. That’s right. The Bears punter not only eliminated the fastest man on the team (arguably), he did so to win the match for his team. That one had to sting.

Now to be fair, O’Donnell is 6’2 and in tremendous physical condition. He’s also shown in the past to have a pretty good arm with some of the fake punts he’s pulled. So Gabriel doesn’t have to feel too bad about it. Still, it can’t be easy to know that you were eliminated from a game of dodgeball by a punter. That is probably something his teammates will rag on him about for the next few days.