Adam Eaton is getting dragged online and from all accounts he deserves it over a fight that he had with Todd Frazier in 2016, when they were both on the White Sox. That feud hasn’t stopped and it escalated this week, when the two players had to be separated between innings and then Eaton called Frazier childish, acting like a bitter ex-girlfriend.

Frazier responded and now we know some more details about their fight in 2016. And really Eaton being hated by the White Sox.

But one thing is clear, no one really likes Adam Eaton and that goes way back to his days with the Diamondbacks. And in his few years with the White Sox he made himself pretty unlikable there too.

Ozzie Guillen joined in and piled on Eaton yesterday, just roasting him on NBC Sports Chicago.

Dan Hayes from The Athletic wrote an excellent story on Eaton, Frazier and the disaster that was the 2016 season for the White Sox. In it, Hayes says not only did Eaton fight with Frazier, but he had several altercations with other teammates as well.

Bottom line, nobody likes Adam Eaton.