Chicago Bears history is littered with all sorts of epic moments. Specifically in regards to game-winning touchdowns. As the one of the oldest franchises in the NFL, it’s only natural they’d have their fare share. So here’s a fascinating question. Out of the vast assortment of choices going back many decades, what is the greatest game-winning TD the Bears ever had.

Maybe it was the TD pass to Greg Latta in 1977 against Kansas City with no time left on the clock. Or maybe it was one of the iconic walk-off pick-sixes that Mike Brown had in 2001 against the 49ers and Browns. There was the Jay Cutler TD throw to Matt Forte to stun the Chiefs in 2015. Even the Eddie Jackson pick-six last year to shock Minnesota deserves mention.

Yet the NFL itself didn’t see any of those as the most unforgettable. That honor was reserved for back in 2006 during one of the craziest Monday Night Football games in history. A game that saw the Bears fall behind 23-3 in the second half, only to come storm back with two defensive TDs to make it 23-17. It was then that a seldom-known return man began his climb to immortality.

Devin Hester is hard to argue against for greatest game-winner in Chicago Bears history

There were plenty of candidates, but everything about that choice makes perfect sense. It was on national television in the midst of one of the greatest comebacks in NFL history. The Bears were trying to protect their undefeated streak but had an offense that had turned the ball over six times in that game. Nobody felt they’d be able to summon enough willpower to pull off the needed drive.

Enter Devin Hester.

That wasn’t the first touchdown the electric return man from Miami had that season, but it was by far the one that started his hype train. Most people had never heard of him before. After those 20 seconds, everyone int he country learned his name. It was a play that fed what turned out to be a Super Bowl season in Chicago and the start of a career that became the greatest returner of all-time.