Hopes are high from Chicago Bears fans with their wide receiver position. It showed massive improvement last year after hitting rock bottom in 2017. Allen Robinson and Anthony Miller look like studs while Taylor Gabriel is a an underrated presence. Maybe people are still holding out hope that former 7th round pick Javon Wims takes a big step forward in 2019.

There’s plenty of reason for that. He was outstanding in his preseason debut last year, leading all receivers in yards. Unfortunately he didn’t get much of a chance to play during the regular season. The reasons for it likely being his lack of route running skill. Something that is a must in the precise system installed by Matt Nagy.

Wims isn’t deterred though. He’s been working hard this offseason to prepare for the next challenge in his career. He’s so excited in fact that he decided to get a new tattoo. There’s just one problem. Any Bears fan who gets the first glance of it may be thrown into confusion and dismay.

Javon Wims accidentally makes it seem like he’s a Packer fan

Any self-respecting follower of the Bears knows what that G means. It’s one that has haunted their dreams many times in the past. The fabled logo of the Green Bay Packers. Except no it isn’t. Casual fans may need reminding that the Packers aren’t the only team to use that style of G for their logo. It’s also used at the University of Georgia, where Wims went to school.

It’s upon closer inspection that one sees the draft card Wims was on back in 2018 when the Bears took him 224th overall. No doubt it serves as a reminder of where he came from and a love for the school that helped get him there. Sadly the lack of proper coloring to the G itself can lead one to make a misjudgment at first. It would be quite entertaining to see how some Bears fans reacted when seeing it for the first time.