So, it was made public today that the reason Ben Zobrist has been given an indefinite leave of absence from the Cubs is because he’s dealing with a pending divorce.

His wife Julianna filed for divorce in Cook County a few days ago.

And according to The Tennessean, Ben Zobrist filed for legal separation in Williamson County, where the couple has owned a home for 12 years in Tennessee.

The new piece of information added in Zobrist’s official separation complaint is the following.

Via The Tennessean.

The three-page filing says his wife “has been guilty of inappropriate marital conduct which render further cohabitation impossible.” 
The filing says Zobrist, 37, hopes the parties will enter into a marital dissolution agreement and permanent parenting plan, or for a judge to enter an order of legal separation and have the two live separately, “unless they can reconcile.”
“Husband is unsure if the marriage can be salvaged,” the filing says,

Ben and Julianna have been married since 2005 and have three kids.