Things have been weird between veteran kicker Robbie Gould and his current team the San Francisco 49ers. While GM John Lynch stated the plan is for Gould to be kicker in 2019, it doesn’t seem like the player himself isn’t wild about that idea. He still hasn’t signed the franchise tag contract place on him last month.

Now the 37-year old seems to have doubled down. Adam Schefter reports that Gould has ceased all contract negotiations with the 49ers and has requested the team trade him elsewhere. It isn’t clear what his primary reasoning is for this, but the signs have been there for weeks that he isn’t happy with the current situation.

It isn’t clear what Lynch or the 49ers will do. However, it was apparent they felt this might happen as word a few weeks back hinted they had interest in veteran kicker Stephen Gostkowski, who ended up re-signing with the Patriots. They haven’t made any moves since then, seeming to indicate they plan to move forward with Gould.

Now they have a choice to make. Either they call his bluff and dare him to sit out the season. Or they grant his request and trade him elsewhere while seeking out kicking options in the draft. If nothing else, this gives the upcoming draft a little bit more juice than it already has.