The Chicago Bears games of 2019 figure to be a bit more challenging than last year. Not a surprise with the NFC East and AFC West divisions on the slate. Two of the best in the league almost every year. Nevermind their usual gauntlet run against their own division in the NFC North.

It seems though that after their exciting run to 12-4 and thrilling playoff game against Philadelphia, the NFL wants more of the Bears. Elliott Harrison of went through all the games that will be played this regular season and singled out 19 that he feels should be the most-anticipated of the year.

Among those 19, three Bears games were selected. Their upcoming matchup with the Dallas Cowboys was #16, a chance to see two of the best defenses in the league slug it out. It was two other clashes that had his attention though. Both of them getting into the top 10.

Most desired Chicago Bears games will be all about the quarterbacks

One thing that is consistent with hyped up NFL games is the quarterbacks. Harrison stayed true to that reality with his two choices here. First a rematch between Mitch Trubisky and Jared Goff, this time in the sunshine of California, followed by the highly anticipated first meeting with MVP Patrick Mahomes.

“10) Chicago Bears at Los Angeles Rams: Still, what makes this matchup so intriguing is not the quarterbacks — but rather, how Chicago and Los Angeles win games, their respective recipes for success. The Bears have proven they can shut down high-octane offenses, like when they held these Rams to six points last season. Then again, that was in the frigid night air of Soldier Field last December. How will it go between two obvious contenders out in the warm environs of L.A.?

8)¬†Kansas City Chiefs¬†at Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy owns unique insight into Patrick Mahomes’ career, considering he was the reigning MVP’s first offensive coordinator in the league and probably had much to do with Andy Reid feeling like he could move forward with the young quarterback…Now Nagy is trying to do the same quality work with Mitch Trubisky, but his new team’s strength is actually its top-flight defense. That Bears’ unit will be charged with stopping Mahomes and the most explosive offense going right now.”

Trubisky didn’t show well in his first meeting against Goff.

This due largely to his returning from an extended rehab for a banged up shoulder. Hopefully this time around he’ll be able to show everybody that his three-interception game in Chicago wasn’t who he really is.

He’ll also have a major chip on his shoulder going into the Chiefs game too. Plenty of people have been vocal about how the Bears made a mistake taking him instead of Mahomes or Deshaun Watson. If he can deliver in a duel with his fellow 2017 draft alum, that might get more people on his side.