According to Stadium, MLB will suspend White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson for…I’m not exactly sure why. He tossed his bat, yelled let’s go toward the White Sox dugout, was then hit by a pitch, told the Royals catcher “we’re good” and then walked to first base. The Royals then escalated the situation, kept chirping him from their dugout and the benches eventually emptied.

Here’s the incident.

Anderson was ejected by Joe West. The umpires declined to comment after the game and there’s no word on what Anderson said that warranted an ejection.

Anderson is getting suspended for “language.” The Royals pitcher is getting a five game suspension.

White Sox manager Rick Renteria is also suspended for one game.

One last thing, if Anderson used a slur, fine, suspend him. But “language,” implies he just cursed at some dudes and this seems like a huge double standard because if you’re suspending players for cursing then no one is going to be left to play.

Oh and…

Just last Saturday, Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber went after the third base umpire after a called strike three swing and he definitely cussed him out. No suspension for him, though.

MLB keeps taking one step forward and two steps back.

Jeff Passan now saying Anderson used a “racially charged word” during the incident.

If he dropped an n-bomb at one of the white Royals players that’s simply not racially charged, but hey MLB doesn’t want anyone saying it, fine.

If Tim Anderson called Joe West a cracker…that’d be hilarious.

Joe West is a rat.

And Passan finally spilled the beans.

By the way, that is not racially charged toward Royals pitcher Brad Keller.