The Khalil Mack trade worked wonders for the Chicago Bears in 2018. The added presence of the superstar pass rusher transformed their defense into the best in the NFL. GM Ryan Pace has gone on record several times that he doesn’t regret a single thing about the trade. Any time you nab a probable Hall of Fame player in his prime? It’s a good day.

What many are still hung up on though is whether the Bears gave up a little too much in the deal to get him Two 1st round picks, a 3rd round pick, and a 6th round pick. That is a lot for one player. Especially a non-quarterback. People haven’t had anything to compare it to because deals like this just don’t happen. Or at least they didn’t.

Suddenly great pass rushers are being dealt left and right. Another blockbuster came through on April 23rd when the Seattle Seahawks sent defensive end Frank Clark to the Kansas City Chiefs in exchange for a package of draft picks.

Chiefs help prove Ryan Pace nailed the Khalil Mack trade

The Chiefs’ trade for Clark cost them 1st and 2nd round picks and a swapping of 3rds. On the surface it looks like they paid less for a young pass rusher who had more sacks than Mack last year (13 to 12.5) and is three years younger. However, when one starts to dig the details change the perception.

Clark had 13 sacks but only 69 pressures in 16 games. Mack had 12.5 sacks and 73 pressures in 14 games. Clark received a run defense rating with 26 tackles and 13 missed tackles. Mack had a rating of 87.1 with 31 tackles and 11 missed tackles. Then there is the crucial final bit.

The Bears got two draft picks back in their deal.

One was a conditional 5th round pick and the other was the Raiders’ 2020 pick in the 2nd round. Think about that. The Bears got arguably the best edge rusher in professional football alongside a pick that has produced the likes of Darius Leonard, Michael Thomas, and Landon Collins in recent years.

The Chiefs got nothing back except for a minor improvement of draft position in the 3rd round this year. If that doesn’t cement the Mack trade as a steal, nothing can.