Robbie Gould delivered a minor shock to the football world on Tuesday. In a rare move for a kicker, it was reported that he’d broken off negotiations with the San Francisco 49ers over a new contract and requested a trade. This despite the team placing their franchise tag on him and GM John Lynch insisting the plans were for him to be there in 2019.

It seems Gould himself isn’t wild about those plans. Word is he wants to be closer to his family, who live in Chicago. While he’s open to any team in close proximity, the underlying belief is he’d much prefer a return to the Bears. This much hasn’t been hard to read into.

One 49ers fan was more than a little angered by this development and decided to strike back at the 37-year old kicker via his biography on Wikipedia.

Ouch. That is definitely the biting comment of a fan scorned. Then again it’s not like Gould isn’t allowed to control his own career. He gave San Francisco two outstanding seasons. He doesn’t have much time left in the league and would prefer to go out on his terms.

If it happens to be with the franchise that gave him his NFL career, then that’s his choice. It isn’t like the 49ers haven’t taken advantage of similar situations in the past. They just don’t like being on the wrong end of it. There is no telling if the 49ers will grant what Gould is seeking, but it’s clear he thinks they will if he presses hard enough.