Jay Cutler might be one of the most divisive players ever to wear a Chicago Bears uniform. He really is either a “love him or hate him” kind of guy. There are those who think he was wrongly done in this town by piss poor roster management and coaching. Others think he dug his own grave with his carelessness on the field and his curmudgeon attitude off it.

This has let to a lot of people using him as a comparison to certain draft prospects. Ones who have that big body and rocket right arm, but might not quite have the refinement. So it must’ve been a shock when USA Today tried to use that comparison in a bad light to Missouri QB Drew Lock and instead of getting mad about it, he sounded thrilled instead.

Lock definitely fits that Cutler mold. He’s 6’4 and has an absolute cannon for an arm. He also carries himself with that self-assurance and swagger typical of quarterbacks who know they can throw it anywhere on the field. He also had an inconsistent college career filled with some brilliant moments and ones that give you pause as well.

Lock doesn’t seem bothered by any of that. If anything, he clearly loved watching Cutler play. One could also say this. The NFL has plenty of boy scouts at the quarterback position these days. This league could use a gunslinging renegade. If Lock is ready and willing to fill that role, people should be happy about it.