This is another reminder that MLB teams choose not to spend more money. It has never been about can or can’t. So yeah, this is why Cubs fans were upset this offseason when Tom Ricketts said he didn’t have any more money to spend on the Cubs and why White Sox fans have always been pissed off at Jerry Reinsdorf.

While the Cubs are the fourth most valuable MLB franchise, valued at $3.1 billion according to Forbes, the White Sox are 14th at $1.6 billion. Both teams are in the top-six when it comes to operating income.

White Sox fans have a lot more to be pissed off about because the Cubs have spent more than $200 million in this year’s payroll. Meanwhile, the rebuilding White Sox went hard after Manny Machado in free agency and ultimately were outbid by the Padres.

This during a time in which the White Sox only have $93 million committed to payroll in 2019 and less than $30 million on the books heading into 2020.

There’s no excuse for the White Sox, Cubs, or any other team in MLB to spend more money on good players.

You can see more information on the White Sox here. Back in 1981, Jerry Reinsdorf paid $20 million to buy the White Sox.

And then there’s the Cubs. More info on them here.

No more money, my ass.