The Chicago Bears London expedition is probably not something a lot within the organization wanted. However, sometimes they don’t have the choice and are urged to abide by league demands. Besides, the last time they visited the UK in 2011, they beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in convincing fashion.

This time around they’ll be playing the Oakland Raiders. It will be the first time Khalil Mack gets to play against his former team since the blockbuster trade a season ago. One can imagine he’ll be fired up for that game. The Bears also catch a bit of a break since it’s technically a home game for the Raiders. So not having to play it in a hostile stadium helps.

Not to mention that they have to travel far lesser a distance than their opponent who is coming from the west coast. So when will this game take place? At the start of the league’s second month.

It will also be interesting because the Bears can serve their own ends in more than one way. By beating the Raiders in London, they not only improve their overall 2019 record but also improve the draft position of the two picks they got back in the Mack trade. That includes a 2nd rounder. So this game matters more than one might think.