People have seen all the mock drafts at this point. Instead, the Sports Mockery staff decided to change things up with their own set of Chicago Bears 2019 draft predictions. The premise is simple. Each person gives three random predictions about what they think the Bears will do when the action starts over the next three days.

Suffice to say there are quite of few curveballs in the mix here from some unexpected names they will covet to some classic moves from Ryan Pace we probably won’t see coming. Are any of them good? Well that’s for the readers to decide.

Kyle Yates:

Bears take a chance on Christian Miller at #87.

Christian Miller is an extremely talented EDGE prospect dripping with upside. His only issue has been staying healthy. He could slide into a rotational role behind Mack & Floyd in year one.

Bears draft CB Sean Bunting at #126.

Bunting has all the tools needed to succeed at the NFL level but is extremely raw coming out of Central Michigan. He’ll contribute immediately on special teams and learn underneath one of the best DB coaches in Chuck Pagano.

They won’t get their “actual” running back until 2020

The Bears might not feel that the ‘answer’ at running back is in this class and could choose to draft a placeholder who will play a part in the rotation with Mike Davis, Tarik Cohen and CP this season. Then they could look to solve the position next year in a stacked and loaded class with one of their 2nd round picks.

Dhruv Koul:

Bears take David Montgomery

The Iowa State standout will be their running back of choice due to his impressive vision and well-roundedness. I also think they will just miss out on Miles Sanders from Penn State.

Pace will trade up for Terry McLaurin

The wide receiver from Ohio State is FUN to watch and an excellent player. He’s got good size, speed, has improved his route running and is noted for being both a good special teams player and team captain.

They will not draft a kicker or trade for Robbie Gould

This will disappoint a lot of people but let’s look at the fact. The Bears have already signed three kickers for their competition. It doesn’t make sense to draft one at this point because then what was the point of signing the others. They only have five picks remember. As for Gould? It doesn’t look like the 49ers are going to bow to his request.

Erik Lambert:

Bears will trade down from #87

People will be building up their anticipation for what the Bears will do with their first pick and then Pace will give them an anti-climax. He will move down from #87 over, perhaps into the top of the 4th round on Saturday with the idea of pocketing one or maybe two extra picks. Remember he only has five as of now.

The running back they secretly covet is…Trayveon Williams

Williams isn’t a name talked about as much as others. Likely because he’s on the smaller side at 5’8. The thing is he was ultra-productive with two 1,000 yards seasons in the SEC. He’s got speed and versatility as a pass catcher. Most importantly though. Teammates and coaches rave about him. He is a high football character and locker room leader. That screams Bears.

Their first pick will be a guard

Everybody is focused on the Bears either getting a running back or a defensive back with their first pick in this draft. They’ll be shocked when they end up taking a guard. Why? Pace tends to target interior offensive linemen on Day 2. Of his seven picks in that range, three have been interior OL.

There’s also the uncertain future of Kyle Long. His contract is becoming an issue and they may have to sacrifice him after 2019 to make room for future contracts. That means they would want a potential replacement ready for when that time comes.