Aaron Rodgers has been under siege by criticism from several angles lately. The Green Bay Packers quarterback took it on the chin when an exposé article by Tyler Dunne of Bleacher Report indicated he was a self-absorbed player with thin skin who held onto grudges for life.

Rodgers later called the article a “smear attack” against him. Rightly or wrongly, it’s been an enjoyable time for Bears fans watching this unfold. Personality questions aside, other notable names have offered their opinions on the piece. Among the most interesting being the man Rodgers replaced in Green Bay.

Brett Favre himself. While the Hall of Famer said Rodgers might arguably the best ever at his position, he did agree with one major criticism of the quarterbacks’ career.

“I will say this: One of the things I agree on in that article is, they really should have won more,” Favre said. “For whatever reason they didn’t. They were that good, and they had the best player in the game, I just felt like they should have won more.”

Brett Favre is right. Aaron Rodgers, for all his brilliance, has disappointed

The Bears caught a lot of heat in the 1980s for not winning more championships than just the one in 1985. They though had a fair excuse. Their quarterback situation was always in flux. Jim McMahon couldn’t stay healthy and their attempts to find a replacement never came to fruition.

What excuse do Rodgers and the Packers have? They were Super Bowl champions in 2010. The quarterback was 27-years old. Over the next six seasons they would make the playoffs, reaching the NFC championship game twice. Yet they never made it back to the Super Bowl.

People might say Favre should’ve won more too. That’s true, but his situation was different. His original head coach, Mike Holmgren, left Green Bay in 1999 after just seven seasons together. Rodgers and McCarthy were together for 11 and at least Favre and Holmgren could say they reached a second Super Bowl.

All things considered, there are few more qualified than Favre to lower this criticism on Rodgers. For all his brilliance his legacy as the greatest ever will never be taken seriously unless he can find a way to get another ring.