The Cubs had a minor scare on Tuesday, when Yu Darvish was pulled with two outs in the fifth inning against the Mariners at Sloan Park. However, a hug and a couple fist bumps to teammates eased any concerns for fans and it was later confirmed that Darvish simply left the game because of a blister on his right ring finger.

Darvish said he got the blister after throwing a slider in the fifth inning.

As far as the treatment goes, Darvish isn’t going to take the advice of some of his teammates and former Cubs outfielder Moises Alou.

Remember that Alou story?


Alou says the secret to hitting without batting gloves is to harden your hands and prevent calluses. One of his methods might win someone the prize money on the TV show, “Fear Factor.” He urinates on his hands. That’s the honest truth. Alou said he isn’t sure where he learned this distasteful folk medicine, but it wasn’t from his famous father. And it works for Moises.

Anyway, Darvish will start one final time in spring training before the Cubs head over to Texas for Opening Day. Although Joe Maddon hasn’t announced the rotation order after Jon Lester, at this point it’s expected that Darvish will pitch against his former team in the first series of the regular season.

As for the blister, Darvish said that on Opening Day in 2013, he pitched with one on the same right ring finger. The result? He almost pitched a perfect game!

Most importantly, Darvish didn’t miss any time despite the blister.

So, if you were freaking out earlier about Darvish, don’t. He’s been great in spring training and he’s primed to be pretty damn good for the Cubs.