“The Bulls have come out of the trade deadline with a core of young players and a coach that they’re ready to go forward with. Four players 25 years or younger who are really going to constitute the future of this organization.”

Oh Woj, you shouldn’t have! I wasn’t sure if I was on pornhub or espn.com when I watched this video, it was that arousing. I really can’t thank you enough for validating everything I’ve been writing about since my start here at Sports Mockery. I’ll be sure to mention this during my 120-day review when I’m asking for a raise.

Woj nailed it right on the head though, and it validates us Bulls fans that we aren’t just having blind optimism. This is real, and we have something brewing in Chicago. The addition of OPJ was the spark plug this organization needed. With Lavine and Lauri developing and on the path to becoming premier players is icing on the cake. And we can’t forget that all of this is happening with Wendell Carter Jr. being out as well.

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My biggest take away from the video was the love shown for head coach Jim Boylen. I’ll admit, as well it is documented, that I did not think too highly of the man. It really seemed like he was not fit to be a head coach, and that he was just the bridge to finish off the tank for this season and nothing more. Now he has demonstrated that he can mold these young players, and when he has his system in place, it brings out the toughness and grit in them.

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Whether Jim is with the Bulls for the long haul or not, this offseason is looking more and more promising by the day. If people like Woj are noticing, then it is fair to say the players around the league are as well.

Now, the obvious kink in this statement is if our good pal Jerry Reinsdorf will shell out the money to land one of the bigger free agents. I don’t want to fall into that rabbit hole for this blog though, this is a happy thoughts only piece. As long as we stay the course, play hard, play tough, and lose enough CLOSE games to be in the best position to take over Mount Zion, then the Bulls can be waking up feeling dangerous every game next year.

Let’s roll into this St. Paddy’s Day weekend and have multiple drunk conversations about how the Bulls are going to be a serious contender in the East next year.