Don’t pretend you don’t know who Teanna Trump is, that’s exactly why you clicked. Anyway, she was on the No Jumper podcast earlier this week and shared not one, but two of the wildest stories about two different NBA players. The first is about her having sex with an Indiana Pacers player when she was 16-years-old.

And ugh, there are some pictures out there that sure do seem to point to that player being Lance Stephenson.

There’s also another extremely NSFW picture out there from 2014, where she’s laying in bed covered only with a Stephenson jersey.

Via Complex.

In an interview with No Jumper, adult film star Teanna Trump said she had sex with an Indiana Pacers player when she was 16 years old. “The person that got me into porn was a Pacers player, I was 16 years old,” she revealed without saying names. “He hit me up on Instagram… We had pictures [and] videos of me 16 and having sex with this man.”

Then, yeah there’s more, she said a different NBA player used to catfish guys on her Instagram, pretending it was her and telling other men that she had a new phone number so that they would send videos and pictures of themselves to her, even though they would be sending them to whoever the basketball player was.

She said it was a “top five highest-paid basketball player.”

Well then. She really did say that whoever the player was she had sex with at 16 didn’t really seem to care after she told him.