The Eloy Jimenez record-setting deal with the White Sox hasn’t been officially announced yet, but we all pretty much expect it to be done by this weekend and that should mean the star prospect will make his MLB debut on Opening Day. And because Opening Day is less than a week away, (I know about the games in Japan whatever) let’s have some fun and think about some prop bets you can make between Cubs and White Sox players.

The first one. More home runs in 2019, Kyle Schwarber or Eloy Jimenez?

Schwarber has 56 home runs in the past two years, hitting 30 in 2017 and 26 last season. Jimenez has dominated every year in the minors, but of course he still hasn’t taken an MLB at-bat. However, he has a high ceiling and should get almost all of the playing time in left field in 2019 for the White Sox.

Next up, let’s talk about a couple pitchers with a little injury history.

Who will make more starts in 2019, Yu Darvish or Carlos Rodon?

Yu Darvish had Tommy John surgery in March 2015. He missed that year and came back to make 17 starts in 2016 with the Rangers. In 2017, he made 31 starts between the Rangers and Dodgers and of course in his first year with the Cubs Darvish only made eight starts and missed the rest of the season because of an elbow injury. He’s come back this spring training, feeling better than he has ever before.

Carlos Rodon has experienced a few different injuries since making his MLB debut with the White Sox. He had a wrist sprain in 2016, only made 12 starts in 2017 and began 2018 on the disabled list because of a shoulder injury. Rodon has now been designated as the Opening Day starter for the White Sox and hopefully his injury woes are far behind him.

The next one is pretty simple. More home runs, Jose Abreu or Anthony Rizzo.

Rizzo has averaged 29 home runs in the last six years with the Cubs, while Abreu has also averaged 29 home runs in five years with the White Sox.

I think this one could be a little interesting. What will be higher in 2019, Cubs wins or White Sox losses?

Bovada set the win total for the White Sox at 74, which means a push would have them go 74-88 in 2019. The Cubs are projected to win somewhere around 88-92 wins.

Have anymore fun prop bets? Share them with us and make sure to check out this week’s episode of the Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast.