The Cubs re-launched their YouTube channel on Monday, unveiling a few hours of new video content. My favorite is definitely the break down of David Bote’s ultimate grand slam against the Nationals, but who doesn’t love some Bryzzo content as well.

Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo were featured in two of the new videos, “Bae vs. Ballplayer,” which also included KB’s wife, Jessica, and the second video was, “Call to the Bullpen,” where Bryant and Rizzo answered questions from Cubs fans.

It was in that second video, where Rizzo revealed that Bryant skipped his bachelor party in Mexico!

Just press play, the conversation starts almost immediately, with the first question coming at the 14-second mark.

Bryant has made it pretty clear throughout his career with the Cubs that he’s pretty much a boring dude. Not that drinking automatically makes you not boring, but Bryant’s just not into the whole going out scene.

He’s never had a drop of alcohol, so maybe a trip to Mexico for Rizzo’s bachelor party would have been a boring time for Bryant. On the other hand, they’re supposed to be good friends, right? C’mon, Kris, lighten up, have a good time with some of your buddies.

At the same time, I absolutely respect Bryant’s move here. Obviously he’s not into the party scene and instead of saying yes at first and then making up an excuse to cancel later, (who doesn’t love to cancel plans) I bet he told Rizzo from the start that it was a no go for the trip to Mexico.

More importantly, though, what was most scarring about the bachelor party?

Bryant went to Rizzo’s wedding, so you know, all good for Bryzzo.

By the way, yes it is a slow news day for the Cubs. They didn’t play any spring training games on Monday and it’s been raining all day Tuesday in Arizona too, so their night game against the Reds might not be played either.

But if you want some news, here’s some.

The Cubs are still looking to add a catcher.

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Nico Hoerner continues to impress everyone even in limited time at spring training.

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Free agent reliever Xaiver Cedeno is still dealing with a wrist injury and isn’t expected to be ready for Opening Day.

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The Rangers announced their Opening Day starter and it hints at who the Cubs leadoff man will be to start the season.

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Finally, Anthony Rizzo wants to be in a Cubs uniform for the rest of his career.

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Anyway, go to the Cubs YouTube channel.