My question is why? Why? If the 8-year deal had the potential to go well over $300M, then why didn’t the Sox just match this?

With the White Sox having one of the lowest payrolls in all the MLB, this was a no brainer and a missed opportunity. To makes matters even worse, Kenny Williams came out and said the Sox couldn’t go north of $300M.

But, Kenny, the offer would have been north of $300M. I just don’t understand. My patience for Jerry Reinsdorf owned teams is running thin and to be honest this one sucks. Manny would have really helped this young core together and been a legit superstar here on the South Side.

According to Baseball-Reference, these are the numbers Manny would have put up this year.

What a kick in the nuts, just when so much excitement was pouring over this team being players for big-time free agents. Sox fans don’t want a seat at the table, guys. They want to see a winning ball club and for the people in charge to put it together.

We will be going more in-depth on this in this week’s Outcasts Podcast. I’m not going to go crazy or anything, just going to share my thoughts on it. I’m pissed for sure, but deep down, I knew this shit was going to happen.

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