Tom Ricketts addressed the media on Monday and after talking about how his dad isn’t racist he was asked about the Cubs not being more aggressive this offseason in free agency.

Sure, the team picked up Cole Hamels’ 2019 option and a few players got raises through the arbitration process. Cool. How about addressing your needs and not just 100 percent hoping that every one has a bounce back year. And you know what, the Cubs are still going to be pretty damn good, but the rest of the division is getting better and so is the rest of the National League.

Signing Bryce Harper or Manny Machado wouldn’t have and doesn’t guarantee any team a World Series, but adding either to the Cubs would certainly increase their chances at a title in 2019 and a few more during the next couple years, while decreasing the margin for error. As we saw in 2018, things can go wrong and you fall just short of advancing in the postseason.

Oh, and I fucking know the Cubs aren’t cheap. Their payroll is close to $230 million this season. Yet, I feel like I have to repeat this for the millionth time. Signing a great player like Bryce Harper or Manny Machado is a great investment, not just because they project to play well throughout the duration of their contracts, but they’re also young and it’s actually smart to go after more good players when your team is in the middle of their championship window.

Maximize your chances of winning. Seems pretty simple.

But no, Tom Ricketts hasn’t given the front office the green light to pursuit either of the big free agents, or any big free agent. Why? Apparently there’s no more money.

Fuck you, Tom.