Evaluating the possibility of a rising star coming out of college basketball playing on a specific team is a complex process. Since the draft is a type of lottery, the top pick for a player will differ significantly each year. That means it is not easy to clarify the odds of a specific player joining a specific team. By looking the Bet365 review of the team, the player and the suggested odds, you will have a chance to clarify the likelihood of Zion Williamson joining the Bulls, but you also want to keep in mind that multiple factors will impact his decision and choices.

Williamson’s Team Preferences

Although the draft means that Williamson does not have the chance to choose his team, it does impact the odds. A team may decide not to choose him as a player due to his stated preferences. A team will want to evaluate his preferences before determining if he would be a good fit for their team.

In his own statements, he has identified other players he would enjoy playing basketball with as a team member. Although it is not yet clear if both players will end up on the same NBA team, it is possible that his stated preference will impact the decision of the Bulls to take him on as a player in the draft.

Opportunities in the Draft

The NBA draft is a type of lottery system. That means the opportunities for a career depend on the outcome of the lottery as much as they depend on the decisions of the team.

By evaluating the lottery system, it is easier to clarify the odds of the Bulls drafting Zion Williamson for their team. Since changes may occur throughout the season, it is not yet clear where the Bulls stand in relation to the draft. Some adjustments may develop before the draft season begins.

Expectations and Teams

The Bulls are not in the bottom three teams, so they are unlikely to have the first pick for the draft. The way the draft works is through a lottery of the last three teams, followed by a win-loss system with the lowest ranking teams having the first pick of the new players.

Since the Bulls have a slightly higher rank, the odds of them drafting Zion Williamson is low in comparison to other teams. The bottom three teams have an equal chance of being able to draft the top amateur talent. That means that it is likely Williamson will be picked up by another team before the Bulls have a chance to draft him. It does depend on the players the other teams want, so several factors may impact the actual odds of a player ending up on any specific team.

The Bulls have low odds of drafting Williamson due to this popularity as a player and their ranking in the playoffs. The key is recognizing that the odds may change based on a variety of factors, so it is possible the Bulls will draft Zion Williamson. The Bulls will want a few players in mind because their top picks may not be available by the time the draft allows them to select a player.