Robbie Gould is still beloved in Chicago even though he hasn’t donned a Bears uniform for three years now. Such are the perks of being the best kicker in team history. Though it doesn’t hurt that both of his replacements in Connor Barth and Cody Parkey have been utter disasters. It’s a big reason why fans are clamoring for him to return now that he’s a free agent.

Gould has said every time he’s asked that he loves Chicago. His family still resides there and its where his heart remains even after leaving. Now 36-years old, he is in the twilight of his career but is still putting together good seasons. Since leaving in 2017 he has connected on a ridiculous 82-of-85 field goal attempts. Most of which came during his two-year run in San Francisco.

It isn’t clear at this point what the 49ers are planning to do. They have more than enough money to keep Gould but it would appear he is hesitating on the idea of a return. Appearing on 670 The Score, the veteran had a chance to offer comments about what his plans may be.

Robbie Gould has three goals regarding his free agency approach

Gould didn’t try to offer any sort of subtle hints. He was straightforward as possible with his answers, making it clear Cody Parkey is still the kicker for the Bears. As far as his own goals for free agency though, he made some interesting statements.

“Well my family is the most important thing,” Gould said. “Obviously, my kids are older; they’re 5, 3 and 14 weeks old. I have some kids that are in school.

“Obviously, a long-term contract is something that I’d like to have. And then it comes down to, I want to win. I want to find the best place to give myself the opportunity to win the Super Bowl. So, there’s a handful of things that I’ll look into.

“I’ve made calculated decisions my whole career. I’m going to do the same thing whenever this decision that we have to make comes up.”

It is hard not to read between the lines when he says that. Gould’s family, as stated earlier, still lives in Chicago. Keeping them there would, of course, be ideal. Contract-wise, he’s made $2 million per year the past two seasons. A three-year contract for $6 million wouldn’t be outlandish. It would be $1.75 million less per year than Parkey currently makes.

Last but not least, the Bears were in the playoffs last season. They went 12-4 and were a missed kick away from knocking off the defending Super Bowl champions. This looks like a team that is ready for a deep playoff run. The 49ers by contrast? Not so much. It would be such an amazing story if Gould returned home just in time to help the Bears win a championship before retiring.