Tonight, Patrick Kane scored his 900th career point against the Sabres in his hometown of Buffalo, NY. It simply does not get any better than that.

This would be the picture-perfect happy ending to a movie, but that’s what is really funny about the whole thing. Patrick Kane is NOWHERE near being done playing hockey. Kane is currently on pace to score 49 goals and have the best season of his entire 12 season career — at age 30. Age is, in fact, just a number.

Patrick Kane Is Not Human

With all the scoring Patrick Kane is doing and how much he’s had to carry the Blackhawks this season, you think the guy would be tired but he’s not. It’s absolutely mind-boggling. Kane is keeping Blackhawks hockey fun and I appreciate the hell out of that.

Let’s take a closer look at just how good Patrick Kane has been this season. Just in the past 10 games, he has scored 25 points (9G, 16A) and has at least 1 point in 17 of the past 18 games.

As you take a look at Patrick Kane’s body of work for the 2018-19 season, these numbers may seem like an illusion or a mirage straight out of the Sahara Desert on a midsummer day. Let me reassure you that these stats are real. They’re even more impressive when you consider the current state of the Blackhawks.

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Those numbers don’t include his fantastic four-point performance tonight against the Sabres. After tonight’s game, Kane is now up to 75 points on the season (31G, 44A).

The Blackhawks are currently riding a 3 game win streak and seem reinvigorated on both ends of the ice. The Blackhawks’ fate this season should become much clearer in the next couple of weeks. If the Blackhawks continue to win, maybe they can squeak into the playoffs. If not, then I fully expect StanBo to make additional moves before the trade deadline on Monday, February 25th.

The rest of the season should be viewed as an evaluation period heading into next season. However, Patrick Kane’s evaluation is as clear as ever. Kane is the best American hockey player, ever. In an overall underwhelming season, he is keeping these Blackhawks games interesting and extremely entertaining.

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