The Padres were the first mystery team to be revealed in the Bryce Harper and Manny Machado pursuit and while White Sox fans are foaming at the mouth, waiting to see the free agent process finally end, they might also be worried that the Padres might swoop in and steal one of the stars away.

But the question is valid, should the White Sox and their fans actually be worried about the Padres? Our White Sox writer Matt Enuco broke down San Diego’s complicated financial situation that may interfere with their sudden interest in the top two free agents this offseason.

Padres Won’t Spoil White Sox Bid For Manny Machado

But besides whatever money issues ownership has in San Diego, how serious should they be taken as they’ve jumped into the race for Harper and Machado.

When the interest for Machado first broke, Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribune reported the Padres were considered legitimate suitors.

The belief remains it will take closer to $30 million a year to get Machado, whose 142 home runs rank seventh in the majors over the past four seasons. However, the market is limited, and the Padres are believed to be legitimate suitors.

We then saw reports that the Padres had taken the next step of their pursuit for Machado, as they had initially only met with his representatives. They want a face-to-face meeting in Miami.

It’s been almost a week since that was reported and here’s some good news for White Sox fans. Machado, who you would think would at least try to make it seem like there’s serious interest from another team, still hasn’t even agreed to a meeting with the Padres.

Here’s what Dennis Lin wrote Thursday in The Athletic.

Club officials have expressed interest in arranging a face-to-face meeting with Machado, possibly in Miami. As of Wednesday, however, sources said there had been no indication regarding Machado’s willingness to take such a meeting. The two sides have discussed preliminary numbers, but an offer from the Padres is contingent on a sitdown.

Doesn’t really seem like Machado is all that interested in the Padres. So, at this point I just can’t view them as a serious threat, even though they’re being classified as a potential suitor.

And of course the big news this week was that the Padres met with Bryce Harper.

ESPN’s Jeff Passan posed a valid question regarding that meeting with Harper.

So, how did that meeting go? Kevin Acee once again with the latest from the San Diego Union-Tribune.

Sources earlier in the day characterized the foray as something of extended due diligence. But a source familiar with what happened Thursday night said the Padres were extremely prepared and seemed sincere about wooing the 26-year-old Harper.

So, obviously more than one person doubted the level of seriousness from the Padres on Harper, but it turns out they did make a legit pitch. However, Acee added more on his latest update of the Harper and Machado pursuit by the Padres and once again it’s a good sign for the White Sox.

Whether they actually do make a bid for either remains to be seen, and several people both inside and outside the organization believe the Padres remain longshots to land either one.

Sure, the Padres surprised the league last offseason, signing Eric Hosmer to an eight-year deal worth $144 million, the biggest free agent contract last year, but at this point it still seems like they’re a distant third or fourth in the running for Harper and Machado.

Plus, there’s just no way the White Sox lose out to the Padres, right?

We talk about the Padres and how it effects the White Sox and more on the latest episode of the Pinwheels and Ivy Podcast.

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